Depictions of Aeracura

Aeracura . . . Aeracura . . . apparently even more shy than Dis Pater. And she is also a little more confused, because she is big in the Tarot world. The only image I could find is the one below, but to give you a bit more information I’ve also done some research on Aeracura’s role in the Tarot . . . Alternatively, if you want a more imagined version of her, try reading Aera: The Return of the Ancient Gods Part 1, by Markus Heitz.


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.32.51This image is from the Goddess Guidance deck authored by Doreen Virtue. In it, she represents blossoming, and has a strong affinity with Mother Earth. She represents a ‘grounded’ energy, that helps with our dreams and ambitions, reminds us that the journey is part of the adventure. This card encourages us to not give up and not to rush the process.

Wikipedia also informs me that Aeracura is associated with Dis Pater, and appears in a statue with him found at Oberseebach, Switzerland. But I can’t for love nor money find this statue for you!

So, once again, if you have any images of Aeracura that are out of copyright, or can give us any more information or depictions, please leave a comment below or contact us @JoFletcherBooks on Twitter. Alternatively, you can contact Markus Heitz, the author of the episodic novel Aera: The Return of the Ancient Gods and have a chat with him @markus_heitz.

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