On New Beginnings

IMG_1854I’m quite sure you have all noticed it’s January out there, and as well as weather warnings, floods, snow storms, grey skies, massive vitamin D deficiency and SAD (but let’s not mention those, shall we?), it’s also traditionally the time for new beginnings.

And to that end, I would like to introduce you to JFB’s very own New Beginning, which is both tremendously exciting and very sad (for me at least). I think most of you know by now that Nicola has heard the call . . . yes, she’s decided the time has come to leave publishing for an even lower paid job (which is how I know it’s a calling and not just insanity). She’s going to use her art degree and retrain as an art therapist, and that training starts with the necessity of a few years spent gaining teaching experience.

Of course, I am thrilled for Nicola, even if, as mentioned, I am very not-thrilled for me, not least because I not only lose a talented editor, a hard-working editorial assistant and an inventive publicist and marketer, I also lose all that artistic ability I currently have at my fingertips! (But no, I’m not bitter.)

And as I said, it’s all about New Beginnings, so I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the newest member of Team JFB: Sam Bradbury has joined us today as my new editorial assistant. (I am sure she’ll be adding Nicola’s other capes to her current mantel in due course . . . she’s got two weeks shadowing Nicola, so I reckon that should be time enough . . .)

Some of you might have met Sam already, as she’s been spending her time (when not completing her Masters in Publishing) by interning briefly with Gollancz and Headline, and more recently, working for our good friend Dave Headley at Goldsboro Books. (Yes, I have apologised – deeply and sincerely – for stealing his assistant for the second time; that was, of course, where I found Nicola. It’s entirely his own fault, of course; he’s not just a great judge of character but he obviously trains his people exceptionally well.)

Sam’s also been to a few conventions already, including Eastercon and NineWorlds, so expect to see her out and about, brandishing the JFB torch, sooner rather than later.

While we’re welcoming Sam, I would also like to say a heartfelt thank-you to those hundreds of you who applied for the job, and for those of you who came in to see us. Interviewing is never easy, and in this case led to some genuinely sleepless nights. I ended up wishing with all my heart I’d had more than one job on offer, because there were some truly excellent candidates amongst you, who I am quite sure would have done a damn fine job. So I am saying to you: do not give up. Just because this particular moment was not your time doesn’t mean you should give up. You never give up. And who knows? Maybe next time, it will be your time.

Happy January, everyone, with love from all of us at Jo Fletcher Books




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