CURSED by Sue Tingey (The Soulseer Chronicles Book II) – Exclusive Extract

Valentines Day is just around the corner and whether you’re all loved-up or spending it at home with your housemate’s cats (that’s my plan and I’m proud of it!), we can all appreciate a bit of romance in our SFF. Following her blog on Tuesday, where Sue scoffed at the mere notion of writing romance in her books, she has since realised that maybe, just maybe, there’s a little bit in there (I’m not gloating, at all). To celebrate this, it is my pleasure to present an extract from her upcoming novel CURSED.
BEWARE: the extract does include some spoilers for both MARKED and CURSED, so read on at your peril!
Note from Sue
In the second part of my take on romance and Valentine’s Day, forgive me, but I’m going to be a little self-indulgent. After my writing epiphany, I am going to share what I think is a romantic moment (I quite liked it anyway) from my second novel Cursed, which is due out in May.
To set the scene Lucky De Salle has been marked by two higher daemons – Jamie and Jinx, which in her case isn’t actually a bad thing as they can protect her while she’s finding her feet in a totally alien world. However it doesn’t take her long to realise it’s her heart just as much as her life that’s at risk when she starts falling for both daemons. In this scene Jinx, the Deathbringer (the title by the way does mean what it says) and irreverent bad boy, finally tries to tell Lucky how he truly feels. Enjoy!

‘When we marked you we didn’t realise what you were.’
‘The Soulseer?’
‘That’s right. We are meant to be together. Together we are more powerful than you can possibly imagine, but you; you’re powerful in your own right and we need to let you come into that power. We can’t always protect you and I doubt you’d want us to. You’re strong, independent and I want you to stay that way, because that’s what makes me. . .’ He stopped and looked down at his feet.
‘Makes you what?’
He started fidgeting. ‘If I let you go down into the Sicarii temple and you never came back James would never forgive me.’
‘Would you care?’
‘Yes, because I’d never forgive myself.’
This was getting confusing. ‘But you were all set to let me go before, what’s changed your mind?’
‘James changed my mind.’
‘Jamie? How? I didn’t see you talking.’
‘We didn’t. He did.’
‘What did he say?’
Jinx shook his head. ‘I can’t tell you.’
‘Shall I go and ask him?’
‘Maybe you should.’
‘Jinx, why must you always talk to me in riddles?’
He took a quick peek at my face then looked away. ‘He said that if I didn’t love you enough to keep you safe I should let you go. And when I thought about that and letting you be his alone, I knew I couldn’t do it.’
‘So this is all about you not wanting Jamie to have me to himself?’ I said in exasperation.
‘No,’ Jinx said his voice barely a whisper. ‘It’s about me being unable to let you go – it would suck the warmth from my soul, and my soul has been so cold for so many years I couldn’t bear for it to be that cold again.’
I think my jaw dropped open. ‘I don’t know what to say.’
‘Say you’ll let us protect you,’ he paused his eyes searching mine, ‘and promise me you’ll never ask me to let you go.’
‘Oh Jinx,’ I said resting my palm against his chest. So warm, so solid; his heartbeat so steady.
Then my fingers were on fire and Jinx went rigid beneath my hand. Something warm and sticky ran down my wrist as Jinx sank to his knees. I looked at my hand, blood was pumping out from between my fore and middle finger and my palm was slick with blood; Jinx’s blood mingling with mine.

CURSED (The Soulseer Chronicles Book II) is released on the 5th May and the first book in the series MARKED is out now!

 Happy Valentine’s Day for Sunday!


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