Discover your Greatcoat name and seal!

So, in case you haven’t realized (and pray, dear blog-reader, why haven’t you?) SAINT’S BLOOD by Sebastien de Castell is published in under a month. That’s right, come April 7th all of you Greatcoat fans will finally have the long-awaited third book in your grubby mitts, following Falcio, Kest and Brasti on their swashbuckling, perilous and hilarious adventures.
To mark this glorious occasion we also wanted to remind you all that YOU TOO CAN BE GREATCOATS.
OK, not exactly – they do exist in a fantasy world after all (Oh, but imagine if it as all real … *sigh*) but you can take part in the fun with Sebastien’s completely awesome Greatcoats Seal Generator (found here), and our ingenious way of deciding your Greatcoats name!
Sebastien’s Greatcoats Seal Generator is here.
And our instructions for your Greatcoat name are here:
So lowly Olivia Mead (that’s me) becomes … Streatham Gager with this bad-ass seal:
My seal
As for Sam Bradbury, she becomes the very-fancy sounding Laceby-Stanford Edgar with darkly-fancy seal:
Sam's sealAnd finally, our leader Jo Fletcher becomes the commanding Whitstable Endowed Hurry with this beautiful seal (note: the lyre is very appropriate):
Jo's seal

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