Marvels who run marathons

Talking to Jo the other day, I told her that my twin sister Mimo was running the London Marathon for the first time this Sunday. It turns out that Jo’s lovely husband (that’s @litagentdrury to a lot of you) is one of those marvels who runs marathons and she suggested I post about Mimo’s marathon effort here in case any JFB blog readers are also doing it!

Full disclosure: I had a gym membership once – I used it twice in a year. I can barely run for the bus. So, these people who chose to spend their spare time training hard and fundraising furiously for causes close to their hearts really are marvels to me.


Mimo after her first half-marathon


My twin sister is a marvel. She’s always been sporty, the kind of person who goes for a run most weeks, but a marathon was taking it to the next level – especially as she only found out in late January that she had got a wait-list place! She’s put her all in to training, as I knew she would, and I am immensely proud of her.

The cause she is running for – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is the cherry on top of the marvel cake because, 4 years ago, our elder sister Bella was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It came out of the blue as we have no family history of the disease and Bella was 23 at the time, when diabetes is usually diagnosed in infancy.

But Bella is another marvel, and we have watched her deal with the changes this disease has thrown at her – injecting 5 times a day, coping with hypos and, as Mimo says, realising that no clutch bag  will ever be quite big enough for her diabetes kit as well as other paraphernalia that women like to carry – with amazing bravery, optimism and humour.

JDRF are a charity that pioneers world-class research into curing, treating and preventing Type 1 diabetes, and providing support for those affected by it. If you feel so inclined to donate to Mimo you can find her JustGiving page here.

All that’s left to say to anyone else running the London Marathon this weekend is GOOD LUCK and YOU ARE MARVELS. See you at the finish line!


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