Want to be a Greatcoat? Here’s your chance!

Time is running out if you want your chance to be a real Greatcoat!Saint's Blood cover

To celebrate the release of Saint’s Blood earlier this, the fantastic Sebastien is offering one fan the chance to have your Greatcoat name in the fourth and final book in the series, Tyrant’s Blood (yes, it’s actually called that this time!). That’s right, your namesake (or secret identity, or alternate reality version of yourself) could feature in the book – and who knows WHAT they could get up to there!*
Jo Fletcher Books is also upping the ante by offering a year’s supply of books to the winner and two runners up (1 book a month for a year). Because we’re awesome, and you’re awesome.. and books are awesome. Seems pretty simple to us!
The competition ends at Midnight on April 30th, so make sure you get your entry into us before then.


In case you’ve forgotten, it’s really simple to enter – all you have to do is tweet us @JoFletcherBooks or email us (olivia.mead@quercusbooks.co.uk) your Greatcoats name and seal with #JointheGreatcoats.
You can create your Greatcoats seal here and below are instructions about how to create your own Greatcoat name (check out this previous blog post for more info too).
1. Jo Fletcher Books accepts no responsibly for any harm that may come to your namesake, including emotional trauma, beheading, stabbing, evisceration… you get the idea
1. All copyright for characters chosen remains with the author and Jo Fletcher Books
2. Greatcoat names may be altered slightly to work within the linguistic parameters of the world
1. Chosen at Jo Fletcher Book’s discretion
2. But don’t worry, we have awesome taste

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