Our favourite #CuriousAffair

To whet your appetite in the run up to the publication of The #CuriousAffair of the Somnambulist and the Psychic Thief this week, we’ve been asking you to share YOUR #CuriousAffair to potentially win a copy of the book! All you need to do is combine the object to your left with the subject of your last dream …
Twittr-Card-DRAFTWe’ve had dozens of entries – all of which are great, but some are just down right weird OR work wonderfully … Here’s our Top 10 (in-no-particular-order) of YOUR #CuriousAffairs
Sounds like Miss Lane’s situation at the beginning of The Somnambulist and the Psychic Thief …
Because if you combine them it would be my PERFECT place. I’d never leave. NEVER I TELL YOU!
But are the chihuahuas also the Seaside Nudist Detectives? (P.S. the capitalization makes it seem they’re already an up and functioning detective agency. I might have to pitch this book idea to Jo.)
Need we say more? Those poor redcoats …
Because Starlight at Daytime sounds like a band I would have loved as a teenager
It sounds like the beginning of a great hacker-spy-thriller!
Again – amazing film plot! Maybe involving Indiana Jones? Just me?
Purely for the railway track plate delivery system – pure Chitty Chitty Bang bang brilliance
I just REALLY want to go to that exhibition
Come on – think of the adventures! Think of the silliness!
We’re loving hearing all of your bizarre, brilliant #CuriousAffair (s) so keep them coming on Twitter or Facebook!




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