IMG_4690It’s a DOUBLE publication day – hurray!
We are incredibly proud to be publishing the paperback of THE LANGUAGE OF DYING by Sarah Pinborough – a beautiful, harrowing, heartbreaking story, told with exquisite truth:
Tonight is a special terrible night.
A woman sits at her father’s bedside, watching the clock tick away the last hours of his life. Her brothers and sisters – all broken, their bonds fragile – have been there for the past week, but now she is alone.
And that’s when it always comes.

The clock ticks, the darkness beckons.

If it comes at all.
And equally thrilled to be releasing the second in David Hair – author‘s YA series The Adversaries, a thrilling, rich time-slip historical fantasy set in India.
Also publishing today is THE ADVERSARIES by David Hair, the sequel to THE PYRE and the second book in the Return of Ravava series. This is a thrilling timeslip YA historical fantasy that redefines and reinvents the Ramayana – the great Indian epic of love, revenge, fidelity and war:

Mumbai, 2010

Everyone’s talking about Swayamvara Live! This brand-new TV reality show is recreating the ages-old custom where young men compete for the hand of a noble bride. In this case, the bride is Bollywood stunner Sunita Ashoka, who is pledged to marry the man who wins the on-screen contest. For Vikram Khandavani, it’s a chance to draw out his nemesis Ravindra, the reincarnated sorcerer-king – but he’s taking a deadly gamble.

Delhi, 1175

King Prithviraj Chauhan is about to storm the swayamvara of the beautiful Sanyogita – but he’s not the only one fixated on the bride-to-be: Ravindra-Raj is coming too, and he’s riding at the side of a fierce invader. Only Chand Bardai, in another life known as Aram Dhoop, the Poet of Mandore, stands between Ravindra and all the thrones of India.

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