A letter from the author, Sebastien de Castell


Today the fourth in the epic, swash-buckling, funny, intense, dramatic, immersive, oh-so-enjoyable Greatcoats series is published. That’s right, the boys are back in town and Tyrant’s Throne has been released to the world. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on such a well-crafted, well-written series, all the more so because I KNOW that if I didn’t work at JFB I’d still be one of the series biggest fans. What a treat for a book loved like me. It’s also been a joy to work with an author who loves and values his work, his characters and his fans as Sebastien does.

I’m going to hand over to Sebastien now so I’ll just say we hope Tyrant’s Throne is everything you want it to be, and more. Thank you all for joining us and becoming part of the Greatcoats. 

Who knows, we might need to call on you soon . . .


 Dear Friends,

It is with great pride (and utter exhaustion) that I’m at last able to bring you Tyrant’s Throne, the final book in the Greatcoats Quartet.

For the past several years I’ve been amazed and grateful for the generosity of readers who have reviewed the books so positively and spread their love of series through word-of-mouth, and most especially to the booksellers and bloggers who, in the midst of a tide of Grimdark fantasy, took an idealistic series about swashbuckling magistrates and somehow found it a strong and loyal fanbase. So, first and foremost, thank you.

Tyrant’s Throne is, at its heart, the completion of the circle that began with Traitor’s Blade: three sword-wielding magistrates, faced with a country that is far more broken and corrupt than they ever realised, struggle to save it, even when doing so seems impossible and when the heartbreak of death and loss becomes overwhelming. What holds Falcio, Kest and Brasti together are the bonds of friendship and the willingness to race into certain danger with only a blade (or bow) in hand and a joke on the tip of their tongues. These qualities are what long ago made me fall in love with swashbuckling adventure and I’ve done my best to make sure that Tyrant’s Throne delivers on that tradition, while retaining its own unique and contemporary flavour.

What I suspect will delight fans most about Tyrant’s Throne, however, are the secrets that will finally be unveiled. Ever since Traitor’s Blade was released in 2014, readers have written to me, asked at conventions, or speculated online about how Falcio defeated Kest in the duel to become the First Cantor of the Greatcoats. They’re finally going to find out. Many have begged (or demanded) to know how Kest managed to defeat the Saint of Swords, Caveil-whose-blade-cuts-water. That too will be revealed in the pages of Tyrant’s Throne. Other secrets will be unveiled as well, from Valiana’s parentage to the final fate of the capricious Duke Jillard of Rijou, from the question of whether Aline will finally take the throne to the riddle that has haunted Falcio ever since the first book in the series: what happened to the rest of the Greatcoats?

Whenever I sat down to write a Greatcoats book, it was with the goal of presenting readers a story that will make them laugh, cry and cheer. It is my deepest hope that Tyrant’s Throne fulfils that promise.


Sebastien de Castell

January 16th, 2017, Vancouver, B. C. Canada


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