What Makes You #WEYRD?

 Last year we published Angela Slatter’s debut novel VIGIL, Book one in the Verity Fassbinder series. Next week we publish its awesome sequel CORPSELIGHT.
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(NB: I re-purposed this gif from last year because I love it. Angela is queen of gif wars so I just wanted to point that out).
Verity Fassbinder, the series’ protagonist, is half-weyrd, half-human, flitting between normal modern day Brisbane and Weyrd Brisbane. It’s her job to keep the peace between both races and ensuring the Weyrd remain hidden from us. In VIGIL she had to deal with dying Sirens, illegal wine made from the tears of human children and . . . well I’m not going to spoil it if you haven’t read it. In CORPSELIGHT she’s got some weird mud and fox spirits bothering her – oh and she’s really pregnant. Bacically she’s totally kick-ass and yes, Weyrd.
As is true in life, it’s Verity’s Weyrdness that makes her stand out from the crowd. Afterall we’re all weyrd in some way – one persons’s normal is another’s super cray.
So to celebrate Verity, VIGIL and Angela we’re asking you to share WHAT MAKES YOU #WEYRD with us on Facebook and Twitter  and be in for a chance to win a copy of VIGIL and CORPSELIGHT too!
(Competition ends 5pm UK time on Thursday 13th July)
Vigil what makes you Weyrd
Last year I confided that I thought the top lines of the keyboard bullied the bottom lines. I stand by that. This year I’m going to let you all know about my fear of iguanas. It’s not just a fear – it’s a disgust, an immobilizing creeped-outness. A giant iguana would be the baddie in my horror movie. Without doubt. (Apologies to all iguana fans).

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