Welcome Molly, the newest JFB member!

You may remember ,any months ago we had some upsetting news. Our dearest editor Sam left us for those guys upstairs (hey Hodderscape!) We were heartbroken, naturally. But then we got angry. Then we wanted revenge . . . But not any more for the time has finally come to introduce you to Molly, our shiny new Assistant Editor who comes with complete with ninja-editorial skills, a compulsive love for all things SFF and an army of cat gifs. We are very, very happy to welcome her to JFB! Say hello to Molly!

MollyHello, World! I’m very excited to be joining Jo on the blog today. Just to introduce myself: I’m Molly, I’m the new Assistant Editor at JFB (also known as the new Sam) – this is my second day and I definitely know what I’m doing. Definitely.

 I have a BA and an MA in English but gave up on the idea of a Ph.D. when I realised that I was spending way too much time alone in the library, talking to myself, and people were staring. I went straight from university to a company called whitefox, where I worked for around a year and a half before I came to my senses, bit the bullet and applied for what I really wanted: a job in SFF.

My love of the genre goes way, way back to when I was quite young and got taken to the bookstore every once and a while for a treat. I remember very clearly looking around at the rows and rows of books and (being a little bit of a perfectionist . . .) deciding that I wanted to read all of them. General fiction looked a little too ambitious, given the number of books on display, so I found a much smaller set of shelves near the back of the shop – SFF. This, I thought, was manageable. This, I thought, I can complete.

How wrong I was.

Cut to the present day and I’m still pretty obsessive and still very much in love with the genre. From Scott Lynch and Sebastian de Castell’s quick-witted humour to NK Jemisin’s astonishingly creative worlds, from Guy Gavriel Kay’s lyrical prose to David Hair’s fast-paced thrills, I love it all. And I am incredibly, incredibly grateful and delighted that this job means I never have to stop!

As to my literary dating profile? Turn-ons include characters you love to hate, a big, brave concept and a healthy dash of swashbuckling. Turn-offs? Plots that go nowhere, Mary Sues (or Marty Stus – sorry, Kvothe, I adore you really) and that nagging sense that I’ve seen this somewhere before . . .

In the real world, I love cats, wear glasses, have never drunk a cup of coffee in my life, am an aerial addict and firmly believe that Nathan Fillion will marry me one day.

Email me at molly.powell@jofletcherbooks.co.uk, catch me on the blog or follow me on twitter @molluskey, where I am funny about a third of the time.

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