Oh what a wonderful week

(ed. note – although this has been posted by Olivia, it is actually Molly talking. Olivia is not being weird and pretending to be Molly. Molly just doesn’t have a login yet. Got it? Good. I swear it’s not Olivia being weird.)

Guys! Today marks my one week anniversary at Jo Fletcher Books (oh, how the time flies) and so much has happened.

I’ve written cover copy, arranged reductions, checked proofs, updated metadata, manned the Twitter feed, printed printed printed and had a chance to meet everyone on the Quercus team – they’re great, by the way. I’ve also had lunch with one of our brand new authors to discuss his manuscript (which is still very hush hush and very exciting for us) and met some of our permanent residents, including Sebastien de Castell, Tom Fletcher, Sue Tingey and Dominic Dulley, whose debut novel Shattermoon is in production with us at the moment.

David Tennant Yay

Last week was a big one for events. I joined Jo and some of our authors at Fantasy in the Court, hosted by Goldsboro Books, where everyone had a chance to mingle, let off a bit of steam and meet some of their readers, which was just fantastic; I think people can underestimate how important it is for writers to meet each other and their readers in person and how rewarding it is when they do.

Then it was on to NineWorlds over the weekend, where I was blown away by the inventiveness of the cosplay (some of the Game of Thrones costumes were out-of-this-world good) and had a grand ol’ time playing Mysterium with Olivia, Tom and Sam. Olivia and I were also thrilled to see Sebastien de Castell speaking at his panels over the weekend as well as Tom Fletcher’s panel on horror on Sunday, where we discovered to our great shock (and, no, we will never let this go) that he doesn’t actually watch horror films at all.

I’ll be manning JFB Twitter again tomorrow, so please do give me a shout if you have any questions about me, JFB or what it’s like to be an Assistant Editor and I’ll try to answer as quickly and as fully as possible, bearing in mind the tiny, tiny character limit.

Happy Tuesday, everybody! I’d better get back to this growing pile of manuscripts before they bury me . . .

MS photo from Mollu

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