September Friday Favourites – Robots and Fairytales

It’s Friday, my favourite of all the weekdays, and not just because this particular Friday will see the JFB team jetting (okay, maybe not quite…) off to FantasyCon for an epic weekend filled with panels, authors and our favourite thing in the world: books! So let’s kick the weekend off in style, with some of the things we’ve enjoyed most this month.




Late to the party (as usual), I finally owned my ignorance and settled down to watch Westworld and could not be happier that I did. Robots? Check. Disturbing questions about artificial intelligence? Check. Guns and horses and all that good stuff? Double check. From the stellar cast to the glorious cinematography, Westworld was everything I was promised and more – my brain may have melted a bit but I’m sure I can find some lovely scientist to patch me up . . .



The Bear and the Nightingale

Really, The Bear and the Nightingale has everything I want: gorgeous writing, a fabulous heroine, a rugged setting and a hefy dose of the supernatural. It’s a retelling of the Russian fairy-tale Vasilisa the Beautiful and it’s absolutely beautifully done – Arden’s attention to detail, both historical and otherwise, is mindblowing and really pulls you in from the first page. Truly enchanting. I cannot wait for the next one.



Divinity Original Sin 2

Larian Studios must have some of the most intelligent and funniest staff in the games industry. Divinity: Original Sin was an absolute delight but, honestly, round two blows it out of the water in every day. In what other game could you:

Rip off someone’s face and wear it as your own

Spend 30 hours exploring, realise you haven’t left the first area and not even care a little bit

Send your friend to jail by planting stolen items in their pockets

10/10 Would save the kitten again.

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