5 ways to make work FUN this Halloween

Because we’re grown ups we unfortunately can’t spend this Halloween binge watching Stranger Things followed by a (100th) re-watch of The Craft while stuffing our faces with popcorn, candy corn and chocolate (couldn’t think of another corn). NO. We’re stuck here making books for you ratbags (JK we love doing it, you know that).

But there are some ways to have FUN this Halloween – even if you’re trapped in the office.



2. Plug in and listen to some super creepy audiobooks while you’re fiddling with that boring spreadsheet. May we suggest The Crow Garden by Alison Littlewood for some seriously eerie Gothic Victoriana?

3. Audiobooks too distracting? Well how about spending your lunch break reading this fantastic piece on Stephen King by JFB author Mats Strandberg (plug: Blood Cruise coming July 2018)

4. Attach red balloons to everyone’s chairs, just like our sister company LittleBrown did. Bonus points if you add little Pennywise dolls. ALL the points if you spend all say standing in a meeting room dressed as Pennywise holding a red balloon


(If anyone did the last, please send pics)

5. Finally, my personal favourite. Simply stand still behind a swing door and make whoever opens it jump out of their skin. Even better if you say ‘Trick or treat’ in a deadpan voice. I did this this morning (accidentally, I swear) and it felt so festive

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