December: Traditions, Rituals and Sacrifices

It’s December – which means it’s also time to pull out the tinsel, sling up a tree and get to feeling that Christmas spirit. To kick things off, we’ve brought the illustrious Jo Fletcher on board to introduce the theme of the month: traditions, rituals and sacrifices.


I was supposed to be writing a blog today to introduce JFB’s count-down to Christmas, and naturally life got in the way in the form of endless meetings, spreadsheets, to-do lists (with yellow highlighting!) and, of course, a never-ending supply of submissions . . . So I am sacrificing an hour of one of my own Christmas traditions to do as I am told – I mean, welcome you to the season of joy and goodwill.

The tradition I refer to is the belated celebration of my birthday somewhere East of London (by which I do not mean Essex) with (in no particular order) military museums, glühwein, würst, overpriced but charming crafts and lots and lots of lights . . . Yes, @LitAgentDrury had the brilliant idea some years ago of hitting the Christmas markets and we have taken to it like Publishers to Bookfairs.

So to kick December, here’s a festive ex-DDR watchtower . . .

20171201_142339And we’re off to sample some more local delicacies under twinkly lights and a frosty moon.

More Fletcher traditions coming up; watch this space.

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