Happy book day to Sue Tingey!

HUZZAH! For the first time, Sue Tingey’s The Soulseer Chronicles are available in omnibus – this new edition includes BoundMarked and Cursed and is perfect for fans of Deborah Harkness and Laini Taylor.

So if you want (a) to have a rollicking good time (b) to get waaay too invested in a fictional character (b) to not be able to go to sleep because you absolutely have to keep reading – and, frankly, who doesn’t – then this is the series for you.

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s the blurb. Because it’s as close as I can come to letting these brilliant books speak for themselves.

What’s a girl going to do 51icajFHm-Lwhen not one but two handsome hunks start declaring their love? As soon as Lucky’s sorted out the demon trying to kill her, she’ll have to make a choice.

Lucky’s always known about her own psychic powers, but she knows nothing of her long-dead family . . . until a daemonic assassin brings a message that drags Lucky, and her best friend Kyla, down to the Underlands – and into the political fight for the daemon king’s throne.

Lucky’s determined to find her way home, but Jinx and Jamie have both marked her – and now she’s not sure she even wants to escape the loving attentions of her handsome winged Guardian and her devilishly charming horned Deathbringer.

And if she stays, she might just find out who she really is . . .


Available on Amazon TODAY TODAY TODAY.

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