Author Traditions: Sue Tingey

We enlist Sue Tingey, author of The Soulseer Chronicles, to give us a rundown of her favourite Christmas rituals, traditions and sacrifices . . .



When Molly asked whether I had any particular Christmas rituals or traditions, I had to have a bit of a think. I didn’t imagine mince pies washed down with a glass of ice cold Croft Original every Christmas Day morning or falling asleep during the Queen’s speech were quite what she meant.

Most of the traditions I can remember come from when I was a child and my mother had several. There were always sixpences wrapped in greaseproof paper poked into the Christmas pudding, and the front room and Christmas tree had to be decorated the first weekend of December and definitely taken down before Twelfth Night. Another was that my brother and I each received one present from under the tree on Christmas Eve and a final one was saved for Boxing Day so the excitement was spread out over the whole holiday.

Of course, thinking about my childhood also reminded me of a ritual I had for several years from when I was about six or seven years old; surprise, surprise, it involved a book! Every year about a week before Christmas I used to start reading The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith so I could finish it in bed on Christmas Eve night.

These days Him Indoors and I aren’t much into traditions (other than the sherry and mince pies), although for our first few Christmas’s we did have a model of ET perched on the top of our tree rather than a fairy. Does that count as a tradition?

Anyway, wishing all JFB readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2018.

Sue x


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