Jo’s Yuletide Message 2017

And all that’s left to say is: MERRY CHRISTMAS, ONE AND ALL.

’Tis the week before Christmas,
And in Carmelite House
The editors rush
To get manuscripts out.
While publicists round up
Those ‘best of’ reviews
To cheer up our authors
With Yuletide good news.
The countdown has started,
The cards are all written
Except for the few
Resolutely still hidden
(Each year I swear blind
I will not forget
Where my safe place is.
I’ve not managed yet.)
The Biblio data’s
No more out of whack*;
The end-of-term spreadsheets
Are pleasingly black.
So all that is left is
For me to wish you
The happiest New Year
And the merriest Yule!

*(Thanks, Molly!)

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