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SF Masterwork of the Week: Dying Inside

We have already featured this week’s Masterwork of the Week, back in March last year, however as we’re determined to make the most of Robert Silverberg’s status as Author of the Month – as well as his imminent presence on these shores to attend LonCon, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention – we hope you’ll […]

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Author of the Month: Robert Silverberg

Here’s a question guaranteed to spark robust discussions (if not outright arguments) in the bar at your next convention: who is the best science fiction writer in the world? Tough one, isn’t it? Not least because before you even think about defining ‘best’, you have to define ‘science fiction’ – a task that has been […]

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SF Gateway: the Hugo Winners

Following our posts celebrating Gollancz and SF Gateway’s BSFA, Arthur C. Clarke and Nebula Award-winning novels . . . it’s the Hugo Awards!  And we’re delighted to say we have a very creditable 30 out of 62 winners, including the first and (for another couple of months, at least) most recent winners. Look: 1953 The Demolished […]

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Gollancz at Eastercon – Satellite 4 is go!

It’s the Easter weekend, which means all right-minded people are off work and spending time trapped in ridiculous travel delays. Not Gollancz, though – no, we’re in Glasgow for Eastercon, the annual four-day celebration of all things SF (and beer!). Don’t forget to vote for the BSFA awards if you’re here! Attending from Gollancz are […]

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Happy Birthday Pat Cadigan!

Today we wish a very Happy Birthday to our two-time Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning Author of the Month: the Queen of Cyberpunk, Pat Cadigan! Pat is the author of numerous outstanding SF novels, such as Synners and Fools – winners of the two aforementioned Arthur C. Clarke Awards – and has been praised by such luminaries […]

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60 Years of the Hugo Awards

Thanks to our friends at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction – and, in particular, their indispensable On This Day function, we see that the first Hugo Awards were presented 60 years ago, today, at Philcon II (the second Philadelphia Worldcon). Alfred Bester‘s The Demolished Man was the winner of the inaugural Best Novel award, with […]

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Happy Birthday, Hugo Gernsback!

Today marks the 129th anniversary of the birth of Hugo Gernsback, one of the most influential figures in the history of science fiction. How influential? Well, he launched the first fully-dedicated SF magazine, Amazing Stories, first coined the phrase ‘scientifiction‘, which later became the term we know and love; he appended ‘PhD’ to the end […]

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In Praise of . . . The Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve published a lot of books over the year-and-a-half SF Gateway has been live. We’ve certainly noticed it – you don’t publish 1,800 books by more than 150 authors without becoming intimately aware of the scale of the task you’ve taken on! This is not to say it’s a chore – […]

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Classic SF Anagrams: The Solutions

For those of you still scratching your heads over Friday’s anagrams (or, indeed, over why allegedly grown adults would spend their time creating such a thing), here are the answers: Mash the Demon! Die! is an anagram of the very first Hugo-winner, Alfred Bester‘s The Demolished Man Edit: No, it isn’t. As pointed our by […]

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Classic SF Anagrams

In what future SF historians will no doubt refer to, Spinal Tap-style, as ‘the saddest of all posts‘, we have decided to mark the last Friday of the first month of 2013 with a series of classic SF anagrams. All of the below are anagrams formed from Hugo Award-winning novels. Some are available from SF […]

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SF Gateway Author of the Week: James Blish

For many years, in my early days as a science fiction reader, James Blish was known to me for one thing only: he was the writer of the Star Trek novelisations I went through a phase of reading. I recall them being pretty good adaptations of classic Star Trek episodes, but certainly nothing exceptional enough […]

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The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction win the Hugo Award for Best Related Work!

The week begins with the wonderful news that The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction was presented with the Hugo Award for Best Related Work, at Chicon, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. The Hugo Award is the biggest prize in science fiction and a major international accolade – having been presented since 1953 and won by some of […]

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