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World's Edge

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781529402087

Price: £16.99

ON SALE: 11th November 2021

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

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Renegade sorcerer Raythe Vyre went off the edge of the map, seeking riches and redemption . . . but he has found the impossible: a vanished civilisation – and the threat of eternal damnation!

Chasing a dream of wealth and freedom, Raythe Vyre’s ragtag caravan of refugees from imperial oppression went off the map, into the frozen wastes of the north. What they found there was beyond all their expectations: Rath Argentium, the legendary city of the long-vanished Aldar, complete with its fabled floating citadel.

Even more unexpectedly, they encountered the Tangato, the remnants of the people who served the Aldar, who are shocked to learn that they’re not alone in the world – and hostile to Raythe’s interlopers.

What awaits Raythe’s people in the haunted castle that floats above them, the lair of the last Aldar King? Everlasting wealth – or eternal damnation?

What's Inside

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A page-turning adventure filled with excitement and intriguing characters. For those loving an epic fantasy with plenty of sword-fights, gun-play, bare-fisted combat and battles between sorcerers, this book's for you
Amazing Stories on Map’s Edge
A fast-paced, entertaining read, set within a world that I want to explore more of
Beneath A Thousand Skies on Map’s Edge
There's a lot of cool stuff, ancient civilisations, magic, a heist, personal loss, love, and humour. I enjoyed this so much
Alalhambra Book Reviews on Map’s Edge
I thoroughly enjoyed this magic- and quest-filled fantasy. I love the way David Hair writes . . . and the world he has created is a very solid one that holds the story perfectly
Dawn’s Book Reviews on Map’s Edge
Hair is a talented storyteller and Map's Edge a satisfying and fun read, entertaining and rewarding that will sate the appetite of any fantasy lover looking for an epic adventure'
The Tattooed Book Geek on Map’s Edge
I did like [ ] the magic and the world-building, which are tied together in a way I found really interesting
The Fantasy Inn on Map’s Edge
Easy to read with lots of substance, well realised ideas, action and themes
SF Crowsnest on Map’s Edge
David Hair's world-building was excellent and found myself quickly drawn into the narrative
This has all the elements that made me love Map's Edge and something more . . . There's a lot going on in this book: plenty of action, treason, intrigues and some gore . . . Highly recommended
The world [Hair] has built grows out of the pages, and I am left feeling as I was at the end of book one - anticipating the next instalment and eager to see what else will be revealed
The internal and external politics within the book lead to a lot of infighting intention that has the book ticking along nicely, but there is more. The mystery of Rath Argentium also unfolds above them and there are some great action set pieces. The twists and turns within the camp means that the ally you had one day is gone the next. There is time to allow the story to breathe and for the characters to develop. The final act sets up a very intriguing Book 3