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Your Servants and Your People

Your Servants and Your People

No one knows who will return as one of the Walkin’. But everyone agrees it’s a curse . . . and there are those who will not suffer the wicked to live.

Seven years after Thomas returned as a Walkin’, the McDermott family are looking for a new life. Thomas has set his heart on starting a farm near the remote army outpost of Fort Wilson.

But there are those who would see all Walkin’ dead, and they are slowly closing in.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 6th November 2014

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9781782064381


Just as gripping and compelling as Your Brother's Blood . . . very much worth your time
A Fantastical Librarian
Mr Towsey has created something very wonderful with Your Servants and Your People . . . with a lot of beauty and an insight . . . Towsey has offered up another helping of lovely undead goodness in his second of the Walkin Trilogy
Sleepless Musings
An enigmatic read, economic, beautifully written, and highly engaging . . . This is a world where the unexpected happens and nobody is safe from it
Waistcoats, Gin and Words
Beautiful and haunting, Your Servants and Your People is a sequel that brings back everything that was great about Your Brother's Blood
DT really does know how to set fire to a plot and keep it burning!
Book Geek