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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529410747

Price: £10.99

ON SALE: 18th February 2021

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

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A planet-eating plague. A hustler-turned-hero. Time is running out . . .

Orry Kent just wants a quiet life – but even a little R&R on the holiday planet of Halcyon turns wild when she accidentally sparks off a revolution amongst the downtrodden native workers.

But that’s small beer compared with the news footage being broadcast across the Ascendancy, showing Orry murdering the man she saved just six months earlier and destroying the Halstaad-Mirnov Institute, the heart of research into the aeons-dead alien race called The Departed.

‘Dulley has made an amazing universe and I can’t wait to explore more of it’ Words of a Paige

With her brother Ethan, the irascible spacedog Captain Mender and his intelligent spaceship Dainty Jane, not to mention the Kadiran exile Quondam, she sets off to prove her innocence. It’s just a shame that means teaming up with the woman she loathes more than anyone else in any universe: the space pirate and criminal mastermind Cordelia Roag.

‘Big-screen space opera at its most entertaining; Orry Kent makes for an engaging and savvy protagonist’ Gavin Smith, author of The Bastard Legion

For it’s not just Orry’s freedom at stake now: a long-dormant planet-eating plague has been triggered and there’s only one thing that can stop it.

The race is on . . .


I can't wait for more!
Book Girl of Mur-Y-Castell
Intensely enjoyable, pretty much action-filled and always very readable
Blue Book Balloon on Morhelion
An action-packed space adventure . . . it kept me hooked
Dyslexic Reader on Morhelion
So vibrant and alive . . . "Oooh" factor: top marks!
Katharina Sinead’s Book Blog on Morhelion
Hooks in the reader from the first . . . The style and content are very reminiscent of Heinlein and Blish . . . there is much to enjoy in the witty banter between Orry and Mender, well, Orry and pretty much everyone else
Sci-Fi Online on Morhelion
A satisfyingly convoluted plot that sorts out a lot of loose ends but leaves more things lined up for a further book. It's a great read for fans of space opera and criminal capers
SF Crowsnest on Morhelion
A page-turner that's at its best when serving up lurid images and fast-paced action . . . imaginative world-building . . . Orry remains an engaging protagonist . . . a lively sci-fi romp
SFX on Shattermoon
A book to breeze through with relish . . . For those in need of a gallivant through the stars with a bunch of mismatched chancers, Shattermoon should be at the top of your list
SciFi Now on Shattermoon
Shattermoon is such a refreshing read. This is epic space opera that has a 1950s cinema serial quality to it, peopled by characters you give a damn about, worlds that feel as real as your daily commute (but obviously far more exotic and yet grounded) and a story that is so engrossing that reaching the end of it is akin to feeling like someone has unceremoniously slammed on the brakes and stopped a runaway tale that you could have happily stayed involved in forever
Sparkly Pretty Briiiight on Shattermoon
A great space-adventure entertainment. There's genuinely not a slow patch in the book and plenty to keep you reading it right through!
Digital Fix on Morhelion
Shattermoon is a non-stop, action-packed space opera that's full of entertainment and all of the classic ingredients of adventure you might want. On the surface it's a regular mix of bandits, smugglers and imperial navy ships with a sassy heroine, but it quickly takes on a character and charm of its own.
GARETH D JONES on Shattermoon
The book is quite a ride and certainly isn't boring! If you are a fan of action-packed Space Operas with kickass female heroines then I have to say that this book will definitely be your thing and you should check it out!
The Geekess on Shattermoon
I was hooked by this space adventure! An action-packed space adventure, Dominic's debut is a blast!
This is pure, unadulterated entertainment
The writing is also, as in the previous books, smart and on-point and the characters, with whom we're now pretty familiar, engaging and fun to be with
A thrilling science-fiction space adventure, never letting up for a moment, but racing from one exciting nail-biting event to the next