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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781782068693

Price: £1.99

ON SALE: 25th July 2013

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

In award-winning horror author Lisa Tuttle’s novel Gabriel, young window Dinah is ready to let go of the past, but her husband isn’t. ‘Gabriel is a spellbinding read from start to finish’ Chris Morgan, SFF Book Review Annual 1988

Dinah and Gabriel know that they’ll be together forever, but when Gabriel suffers a violent and senseless death just a year after they marry, Dinah is devastated.

Ten years on, Dinah believes she has moved forward enough to return to New Orleans, the place where she lived with Gabriel, and deal with the ghosts of her past. That is until she meets a young boy with a remarkably familiar face . . .

Dinah may be ready to let go of the past, but Gabriel definitely isn’t.


Tuttle is a sweet relief. By the time it was over I was so thoroughly violated that I needed to scrub my brain with steel wool . . . Tuttle's books are messy and chaotic. They feel desperate. They feel human. They feel like real life.
Grady Hendrix, Tor.com
Lisa Tuttle has become a major force in macabre fiction
Stephen Jones, in ‘Fantasy Review’ on Lisa Tuttle
Tuttle manages to combine the restless, biting curiosity of a natural SF writer with an ability to project a real feeling.'
Evening Standard on Lisa Tuttle
She brings to the literature a subtlety and power, which, sometimes shading into horror, is a quite distinctive voice demanding to be heard . . . exceptional, very female, art
Independent on Sunday on Lisa Tuttle
I'm not sure if she should be considered just a horror writer. She's much more, a great storyteller who defies labels, a fine writer talking about feelings and emotions we all have experienced some time in our lives. Most of her stories leave us not frightened, but uneasy with the feeling of how lonely and melancholic the human existence can be behind its shiny façade
Infinity Plus on Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Tuttle is good - very good
New Scientist on Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Tuttle's best fiction is like a slow settling of vast planes of thought and emotion-luminous, quiet, wry, and often bitter
The New York Review of Science Fiction on Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Tuttle is one of the all-time best because she writes not only some of the scariest stuff around, but also the most meaningful.
Pat Cadigan on Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Tuttle's contributions to SF and horror fiction have always been characterized by subtlety and adroitness.
Time Out on Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Tuttle is simply one of the very best writers in the field. She provides atmosphere without slowing the pace and shocks without sickening nastiness. Her characters are always real, her backgrounds convincing, her revelations clever and surprising. Gabriel is a spellbinding read from start to finish.
Chris Morgan, Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review Annual 1988