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Priest of Gallows

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781529411331

Price: £22.99

ON SALE: 27th May 2021

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

Gangster, soldier, priest. Queen’s Man. Governor.
Tomas Piety has everything he ever wanted. In public he’s a wealthy, highly respected businessman, happily married to a beautiful woman and Governor of his home city of Ellinburg. In private, he’s no longer a gang lord but one of the Queen’s Men, invisible and officially non-existent, working in secret to protect his country.

But when the queen’s sudden death sees him summoned him back to the capital, he discovers his boss, Dieter Vogel, Provost Marshal of the Queen’s Men, is busy tightening his stranglehold on the country.

Just as he once fought for his Pious Men, he must now bend all his wit and hard-won wisdom to protect his queen – but now he can’t always tell if he’s on the right side.

Tomas has started to ask himself, what is the price of power? And more importantly, is it one he is willing to pay?

(P)2021 Quercus Editions Limited


If you like your fantasy with a side of dark and gritty, you won't want to miss this
CHRISTINA HENRY, bestselling author of The Girl in Red on Priest of Lies
Managing to be exciting, narratively taut and a commentary on the terrible things war and violence do to people is no mean feat, but Peter McLean manages it with?Priest of Bones. I wish I had written this
R.J. Barker, bestselling author of?Blood of Assassins
The politics of The Godfather meets the grit of Gangs of New York . . . a dark, dirty, foul-mouthed triumph of grimdark gangster heist novels. If Locke Lamora (Scott Lynch) had a bigger, uglier, more violent brother, his name would be Tomas Piety. Amid the violence and the stink of the Ellinburg, though, there's camaraderie and trust, concern for the wellbeing of the poor and a rusty sort of honour among thieves
Anna Stephens, bestselling author of the Godblind trilogy, on Priest of Bones
Clever storytelling and beautifully immersive prose. Priest of Lies digs deeper and hits harder, getting darker by the chapter, with astonishing surprises around each and every corner. I'm really looking forward to seeing what blood-soaked mischief Tomas gets into next. If you haven't yet picked up this riveting and unique series, I highly recommend you do
Fantasy Book Critic on Priest of Lies
Priest of Lies is pretty damn exceptional . . . the ending is stunning . . . an author who is on top of his game
Grimdark Magazine on Priest of Lies
An enigma. It manages to be light and dark, clean but dirty, harsh but fair, full of love and equally full of death. It's an awesome story, one that grabs you from the first line and doesn't let go until the finale when it slams you to the ground
Fantasy Hive on Priest of Lies

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