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The Demi-Monde

The Demi-Monde

In the Demi-Monde Ella can trust nothing and nobody . . . not even herself. This omnibus edition includes all four parts of The Demi-Monde, called ‘Discworld’s savage noir cousin’ by Stephen Baxter and ‘an amazingly quick and enjoyable read’ by the British Fantasy Society.

The Demi-Monde is a computer-simulated training ground for soldiers. Populated by history’s most notorious leaders, it is truly a Cyber-Hell.

Ella Thomas was sent there to rescue Norma Williams, the daughter of the President of the United States, but it has all gone horribly wrong. Now she is stuck in this cyber world; the friends she trusted have become her enemies and the Grigori, who have lain quiet for thousands of years, dreaming of the day they will emerge into our world, threaten to finally achieve their goals.

To succeed in preventing this destruction, Ella must be more than she ever believed she could be, because resisting evil will require courage, resolve . . . and sacrifice.

‘Part Matrix, part Escape from New York , with a dash of Film Noir and a whole host of imagination. Beautifully written’ Falcata Times
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 26th February 2015

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9780857055026


Fans of the series will admire the daring conclusion to Rees's steampunk techno-thriller
Publisher's Weekly on The Demi-Monde: Fall
An amazingly quick and enjoyable read
British Fantasy Society on The Demi-Monde: Winter
Part Matrix, part Escape from New York, with a dash of Film Noir and a whole host of imagination. Beautifully written
Falcata Times on The Demi-Monde: Winter